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Tattoo Ticket

45.00 EUR

I love it so much when someone tattoos my art on them! I think it's the ultimate compliment you can make to an artist really. Purchasing this ticket is a great way to say "thank you"!

If you want to get tattooed with an existing artwork of mine you can purchase this ticket as a way to support me. Once you purchased the ticket you're free to tattoo any illustration you like. Of course, all of this is optional but very much appreciated! :-)

There is nothing physical that will be delivered to you by purchasing this, this is only an online ticket, as a way to pay the artist for her work.

Note that this ticket is only for existing designs though. If you would like to get something custom, please contact me.

After you get the tattoo, please feel free to tag me on Instagram (@liviafalcaru) and send me some photos with your new baby.